What Is iPlan® ?

iPlan® is the integrated Planning and Execution methodology that provides a framework for completion of initiatives in a multi-location, multi-level environment. iPlan® automates project execution success - eliminating progressive manual summarizations and rollups of data and progress. Solution Systems and iPlan® can  reduce the cost of project management and execution.

Traditional Project Management / Project Execution approaches transition from estimating to planning followed by controls and reporting.  A gap exists with this traditional approach which makes it inefficient.


The Execution Centric Approach Utilizing iPlan®  - provides communication of the entire plan, giving the work out to assigned resources, and putting the resources in control of the progress reporting. As planning and execution become more complex, iPlan® is able to provide a clear view into the work that needs to get done.


Why a new Methodology?

The current technological landscape and the complexity of large projects, or multi-project company-wide initiatives, require a fresh look at how projects are managed. A new methodology is needed to enhance execution and increase the probability that the initiatives will be completed on time and, most importantly, successfully. The business problem must be solved; the crisis controlled; and/or the product launched – on time and within budget.


The Basic  iPlan® Methodology Framework includes:


The Shaping process formulates the structure for the entire initiative. It defines the framework for all planning, execution and reporting. Shaping is the process of discovery between Solution Systems and you, the client. Overall initiative structure is defined for all the project-types that will be planned. Templates are developed that will be used in the Planning process.



Planning is more specific to actual Projects. However, with SSI’s iPlan®, the planning process can also be templated, tracked, executed and reported. The progress through the complex process of Planning can be automatically reported—just like the rest of the plan implementation.




Traditional methods make Execution a completely manual process. Telephone, email, meetings—all very time consuming. iPlan® gives you a much better methodology. Each resource gets a personalized To-Do List. Priorities, details, documents and progress become a personal list of things to be accomplished. Other work that is relevant to the initiative also gets communicated through the Execute View. Resource assignments, plan approvals and other implementations of the complex workflow of project management and execution are displayed for the individual user.



iPlan® automates the complete reporting process. Progress reporting by individual resources is displayed through a highly informative dashboard. The same dashboard report is used for the Project, the location, the Project-Type or the group doing the work. Summarization is accomplished through automatic roll-ups of progress. Traffic light-style color reporting is used throughout and is also automatically assigned—interpretation and spin is virtually eliminated.



The Solution Systems methodology, utilizing iPlan® provides a significantly greater chance of finishing on-time or early. The methodology is an “early warning system” for initiative and project management. It allows for interdependence between projects, across plants and locations and a single view of the work—giving an implementation of high-level goals and objectives that have not been possible before — all at less cost than traditional approaches.

iPlan® Application Note

Challenge:  Consent Decree Remediation

Initial Status:  Client failed a confirmation inspection by the FDA and was forced to hold production of a new product.

The iPlan® Solution:  SSI provided organization, planning and execution infrastructure so that people doing the work could see how their work interfaced with others.  This provided management with the ability to monitor progress without interpretive reporting.

Result:  Detailed plans allowed for a "proof of compliance" strategy that resulted in the new product hold being lifted.

Quality Remediation Activities: 

including Consent Decrees, Warning Letters and 483's.  Our work has run the gamut from people on the ground managing and scheduling the various plans for remediation to managing the overall initiative development from audit observations through successful remediation.